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Real-time dashboards measure efficiencies and empower agents to drive their own performance.


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Combine real-time and historical data


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What gets measured, gets managed.

In a Contact Center, how do you improve results – by optimizing agent behavior. ClearView provides the insights of a Business Intelligence Tool while driving “Behavioral Intelligence”.

By measuring and motivating key behaviors, your workforce will operate in a more predictable, autonomous environment where both performance objectives and employee satisfaction are reached.

Build user-friendly dashboards in minutes

ClearView’s drag-and-drop modules make it a snap to create and share customized dashboards throughout your organization.

Our ever-growing library of modules provides a unique perspective of your data: color-coded and animated gauges change with performance levels; Excel-like tables sort, filter and export seamlessly; big KPI numbers help establish goals; and interactive charts and graphs can tell a story with just a few clicks.

ClearView connects disparate data onto a single platform.

Uniting your ACD, CRM, WFM and QM data empowers the creation of endless metrics, agent development and competition.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Don’t let morning reports be based on yesterday’s numbers. Timely and effective call center management relies on real-time feedback and action. The sooner you know an agent or team is “off course,” the easier it is to make small adjustments and ensure a minor lapse doesn’t become a trend. Bridge the gap between real-time and historical data to get a “ClearView” (get it?) of your performance.

Gimmick or Game-Changer?

ClearView Gamification creates a culture of healthy competition, accountability and fun in a way that is not only sustainable, but energizing. Watch as agents engage in head-to-head challenges, supervisors compete one team vs. another and everyone works toward a common goal. Find out why ClearView Gamification is a definite game-changer.

One-on-one guidance makes all the difference.

By tying performance feedback to data, our coaching tools pinpoint the root-cause of problems and help keep track of agreed actions. This gives agents autonomy; as they’re able to gauge their performance in relation to their coaches established goals.

Transmit Information to Every Screen

Are you still using the same, static wallboards that someone in IT built? Whether you’re celebrating wins, showing call queues or highlighting the employee of the month, ClearView Wallboards will give your floors the upgrade (resuscitation, renovation)  you’ve been waiting for.

Deliver a Paramount Customer Experience

Tracking and refining key behaviors build a culture of continuous improvement. Real progress comes with timely feedback and relevant training. ClearView’s evaluation scores do just that by automating coaching workflows that promptly guide agents back on track and identify where faulty processes are getting in the way. Get the information you need to act — and impact the metrics that matter most.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“We utilize ClearView for all reporting and agent gamification. It’s a big productivity shifter, because we use it to focus our agents on the right key performance indicators. If an agent doesn’t achieve a particular KPI, their manager knows exactly how to coach them.” 

“ClearView dashboards and leaderboards have helped us boost agent morale by creating a clear and competitive sales environment. The use of ClearView dashboards has reduced our Cost Per Customer Acquisition by 25%.” 

“ClearView has not only boosted agent engagement, but it’s also increased operational efficiency. It frees me up, because I’m no longer manually updating scorecards. It also showcases our contact center’s performance to our executives. It gives them a dollars-and-cents view of the business so they can see that the product has great value for us.” 

“Agents’ bonuses are based on the number of contacts they service each month. With our old system, they had no way of knowing how close they were to their goals and sometimes missed it by just three or four contacts. But With ClearView, they always know exactly where they are versus their goal. They are just thrilled.”

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ClearView delivers significant savings in both Agent Productivity and Retention. Over 100K agents and supervisors experience the benefits daily – raised job satisfaction, increased engagement and decreased turnover.

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